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ARENA Career Fair will not be arranged anymore as the Aalto University School of Business moves to Otaniemi in February 2019.

In 31.10.2019 Aalto University will launch a new recruitment event, Aalto Talent Expo, that combines all disciplines in Aalto University.
If you wish to hear more about the Career Services at Hanken School of Economics, please visit Hanken web pages.


In order to get the most out of the ARENA day, you should devise a plan for the fair day. Below you can find advice on how to approach the companies at the stands and other useful information.

How to get the most out of the ARENA Day
Be Prepared
Make a schedule for your ARENA-day
How to dress for the fair
Be proactive
What to ask at the stand


How to get the most out of the ARENA Day

1st & 2nd year BSc students

  • 1st year students have an excellent chance of gathering information for the upcoming study program selections.
  • You’ll meet employers who are interested in hiring business students. These employers might be your future employers.
  • You’ll get information about summer jobs.

3rd & 4th year students

  • You can ask about internships of your own field, BSc thesis subjects, part-time jobs or summer jobs of your own field.
  • You can ask tips for the planning of studies if you aim for some certain field of business.

Graduation-level students

  • Ask about internships of your own field, MSc thesis subjects or assignments and post-graduation work opportunities.

Foreign degree students

  • Employers that can offer work opportunities even irregularly for non-Finnish on non-Swedish speakers, are marked in the Fair Guide with the English flag on their page.
  • We recommend you to attend especially the info session  “Career Opportunities for Foreign Degree Students” with four employers. See the full program of info sessions.

Be Prepared

Familiarize yourself with the companies and organizations attending the fair beforehand. A couple of weeks prior to the ARENA Day the ARENA 2018 Fair Guide will be posted to your home or alternatively you can collect the catalogue from the lobby of Aalto University School of Business main building or Hanken main lobby. The fair guide contains the schedule for the fair and information on the attending employers.

You can find the companies and organizations attending on the fair programme page. It is also worthwhile to check out the ARENA-On-Line companies, ARENA is on Facebook during autumn 2018!

Make a schedule for your ARENA-day – see the fair program

» Fair program

Rank the stands in order of importance and check the rest of the program to plan a schedule with everything that interests you.

Besides visiting the exhibitors’ stands, it is worth taking advantage of the additional services included in the ARENA Career Fair as well. Keep a couple copies of your CV with you if you´re actually looking for work.

At the CV & LinkedIn Clinic you can polish up your application papers or LinkedIn profile together with an HR professional. CV Clinic requires a pre-enrolment: enrolment starts via our on-line enrolment system on 31st of October at 12.00.. Act quick as the spots are very popular.

At the Speed Mentoring you (or a group of max 4 students) have a possibility to have a meeting with a BIZ or Hanken alumnus/a and ask for their advise and experience. They can tell you about the work at a specific industry or share their experience on how to enhance your employability. Speed Mentoring requires a pre-enrolment: enrolment starts via our on-line system on 31st of October at 12.00. Act fast as there are limited number of slots!

At the info sessions you will hear more about interesting and current issues in recruiting. There will also be info on Doctoral studies in Aalto BIZ (Aalto University HR) and the Career Opportunities for Foreign Degree Students –info where employers have the opportunity to tell more about job opportunities especially for foreign BIZ and Hanken students. Harwall has an employer presentation at the end of the day also. Info sessions don’t require a pre-enrollment.

And don’t worry if you don’t have a business-like picture to go along with your CV, because you can get a CV photo taken at the fair.

How to dress for the fair

Dress according the impression you want to give about yourself – also related to the type of jobs you are looking for. A casual business-look is always a good choice. Some images of business casual dress code.

Be proactive

Approach the employers that interest you and reserve a time for a talk on the stand. Introduce yourself, speak clearly (there is a lot of noise at the fair), shake their hand, look them in the eye, –you can think of the situation as similar to the situation in an actual job interview, the first impression is important here as well. Show your interest and skills.

Develop a brief elevator speech (elevator pitch) for introducing yourself to the company representatives including the most important things about yourself, e.g. your study program, possible work experience, your expected graduation time and/or amount of study points, your skills and what jobs interest you. If you have read about the company’s trainee program on their web page, plan your speech around that and include also how your skills and experiences are beneficial when applying as a trainee. Match your speech for your target audience. Make sure that your presentation is not too long; short but effective presentation works best. Listen actively, converse and reach for the opportunities.

First year BSc student, example

  • Hi, I’m First name Last name and I began my studies at Aalto University School of Business this autumn. I thought about specializing in accounting and I would be interested in knowing about what kind of job opportunities you are offering for the accounting students in the future. Is there something special I should take in to account while planning my studies?

First year MSc student, example

  • Hi, I’m First name Last name and I’m on my first year studying for my master’s degree here at Aalto University School of Business. My major is marketing and last summer I worked as a marketing and communications intern. My responsibilities were [task] and [task] and I learned a lot about e.g. [IT-program/skill/way of working etc.].I’d like to ask about the job opportunities you can offer me now during my studies, or after I graduate. I’m especially interested in brand building and b-to-b marketing.

Last year MSc student, example

  • Hi, I’m First name Last name, finance major from Aalto School of Business, graduating in December 2017. I have experience in [], [] and [] and that’s why I’m really interested in the Analyst position you have open. In addition I have heard so many good things about your work culture from my friend who has worked in [company name] and [reason why the company also interest you].

More good hints and one example as well:

Think about your questions beforehand. By asking good, intelligent questions you make a good impression and stand out of the crowd. You can find some good questions to ask below.

Get the business cards or other contact information of the people you talk with.

Be prepared that some employers cannot accept printed CVs and will ask you to apply online. Do as instructed to help keep employers on the map about potential employees.


Mention your meeting at the ARENA Fair in the follow-up contacts. Make use of the good first impression you made; send your CV and cover letter within a couple of days of the fair.

Career Fair Recruiter Tips Video

What to ask at the stand

  • With what kind of tasks do the Aalto University School of Business students / graduates typically work at your company?
  • Have you graduated from School of Business? What did you major in?
  • What do you do at your company? Is your current post your first one in the company?
  • For how long have you worked at […]?
  • Does your company hire non-Finnish speakers?
  • Does your company hire on a continual basis or only at certain times a year? Do you employ summer workers? When do you start looking for summer workers?
  • How does one apply for a job at your company? Are there particular personality traits you look for?
  • Do you recruit candidates with a bachelor’s degree? For what posts?
  • What kinds of courses do you suggest in order to be a successful candidate?
  • What kinds of entry-level positions exist within your organization that would be open to a Aalto University School of Business’ student/ graduate with my background? (Introduce yourself before asking this question)